Handmade Jewelry by Vicki My name is Vicki and for over twenty years I have been a jewelry artist and maker, professionally trained with multiple certifications from the Gemological Institute of America.

In my jewelry you will only find gemstones and precious metals. There is no crystal, glass, clay, or imitations. Common gemstones that I might use could be turquoise or hematite or tiger-eye, while uncommon stones might be chalcedony, mookite, rhodochrosite, or prehnite. Organic gemstones (pearls, coral, and amber) are throughout my work. So are all four precious stones: diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Typically I do my work in sterling silver though I occasionally work with gold and platinum.

Much of my work is custom work done in collaboration with the customer, thus bridal and prom jewelry are also fortes of mine.

NEW!!! My 2017 show schedule is at the bottom of this page.

These earrings are about 2.5 inches long. The large bead is a silver button pearl, and all the little beads are one millimeter potato pearls. All the metal is sterling.

This eighteen inch necklace has blue potato pearls with a clear quartz calla lily and a matching blue rice pearl within. With Sterling of course.

"Dancers" is what a number of my customers have independently started calling these earrings. The blue is lapis lazuli, the white are potato pearls, the two rings flanking the pearl are Bali silver, all the rest is sterling.

This 7 3/4" bracelet has corundum nuggets with tiny ruby dangles and sterling silver. Those rubies are about one quarter of an inch across and half that high.

These four inch long earrings have a large pearl, very tiny rough black diamonds, and sterling.

This twenty inch necklace is all sterling and has three different shapes of emeralds.

Three inch long earrings with Herkimer Diamonds (double terminated quartz) and sterling silver.

Ten inch ankle bracelet with sterling and egg shaped white pearls.

Cascade earrings with emeralds with both sterling and Bali silver.

This thirty inches long necklace has opal beads, the large focal is chrysoprase, and has both sterling and argentium silver.

The large bead in these earrings is carnelian, the little beads are fire agate, the rest is sterling.

At a little more than seven inches, this bracelet has emeralds, pearls, and sterling.

June 21, 2014. West Reading's Art on the Avenue show
(my tables are generally set up the same, indoors or outdoors)

2017 show schedule, as of September 2017
May 6... Frederick Living's Charity Event for Alzheimer's Association, Frederick, PA [my third year]
May 7... 14th Annual Jewish Food Festival, Temple Beth El, Lancaster, PA
May 13-14... 52nd Annual Downtown Bethlehem Fine Art and Craft Show, Bethlehem, PA
June 3... 3rd Annual Saucon Creek Arts Festival, Bethlehem, PA
June 17... 23rd Annual Art on the Avenue, West Reading, PA [my seventh year]
June 24-25... 28th Annual Manayunk Arts Festival, Manayunk, PA
July 15... Lehighton Downtown Initiative's 1st Christmas In July, Lehighton, PA
Sept 30... 18th Annual Landis Woods Art Show, Lancaster, PA [my seventh year]
Oct 14... 2017 Haddonfield Fall Festival, Haddonfield, NJ
Nov 24-25... 47th Annual Der Belsnickel, Boyertown, PA [my seventh year] Bear Gym, booth 96
Nov 17-19... 25th Annual Christkindlmarkt, Bethlehem, PA this weekend booth 160
Dec 2-3... Daniel Boone Optimist Club's 36th Annual Holiday Craft Show, Douglassville, PA
Dec 21-23... 25th Annual Christkindlmarkt, Bethlehem, PA this weekend booth 103

Shows approved for but I'm on the wait list of
May 27-29... 50th Annual Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA
Sep 2-3... 30th Annual Heart of Lancaster Art and Craft Show, Manheim, PA
Sep 9-10... 26th Annual Doylestown Arts Festival, Doylestown, PA
Oct 7-8... 6th Annual Arts Festival Reading at the GoggleWorks, Reading, PA
Nov 3-5... Sugarloaf Crafts Festival, Oaks, PA
Dec 7-10... 25th Annual Christkindlmarkt, Bethlehem, PA

This page was last updated November 13, 2017