Handmade Jewelry by Vicki My name is Vicki and for over twenty five years I have been a jewelry artist and maker, professionally trained with multiple certifications from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

In my jewelry you will only find gemstones and precious metals. There is no crystal, glass, clay, or imitations. Common gemstones that I might use could be turquoise or hematite or tiger-eye, while uncommon stones might be chalcedony, mookite, rhodochrosite, or prehnite. Organic gemstones (pearls, coral, and amber) are throughout my work as are all four precious stones - diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Typically I do my work in sterling silver though I occasionally work with gold and platinum. I make pendants, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and ankle bracelets. Because of my range of work, my range of prices vary greatly. In 2017 I was asked a number of times, in applications, about my prices. Using my current and historical prices, necklaces range from $24 to $231, bracelets $6 to $182, ankle bracelets $14 to $81, and pendants $8 to $46. This only counts work that incorporates silver, so no gold or platinum was used in these calculations.
Much of my work is custom work done in collaboration with the customer, thus bridal and prom jewelry are ealso fortes of mine.
NEW!!! My 2018 show schedule is at the bottom of this page.

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All the metal in every single piece of below jewelry, unless specifically mentioned, is either sterling silver or argentium silver.

This 20.5 inch necklace has alternating beads of agate, both solid white or giraffe (blue and white). The clasp is a safety clasp, a sphere to match the beads. $109

Each of these Christmas themed earrings has a coral donut hanging at the bottom and a garland of wire wrapped azurite malachite beads and Thai silver cubes above it. These earrings are about 1.25 inches long. $47

The 9.75 inch wire wrapped ankle bracelet has freshwater light lime green button pearls. The Mickey Ears were unintentional and were pointed out to me by a Disney fan at the first show that this was displayed at! $36

This 7.25 inch bracelet has eighty larimar beads that dangle. $108

These earrings are about 2.5 inches long. The large bead is a silver button pearl, and all the little beads are one millimeter potato pearls. $74

This 18 inch necklace has blue potato pearls with a clear quartz calla lily and a matching blue rice pearl within. $127

My customers call these earrings "Dancers", and they are a little over an inch long. The blue is lapis lazuli, the white are potato pearls. The two rings are Bali silver. $31

This 7.75 inch bracelet has gneiss nuggets with rubies, and has tiny ruby dangles. Gneiss (pronounced nice) is the natural metamorphic stone that rubies are found in. Technically you could break those nuggets, take those rubies out polish them to become traditional gemstones. $148

Each of these four inch long earrings have one large pearl and a cascade of small, rough, black diamonds. $85

This twenty inch necklace showcases three different shapes of emeralds. $139

Each of these three inch long earrings have a stack of Herkimer Diamonds. These double terminated quartz stones come out of the rock looking exactly like this (except for the hole). $80

This 10 inch ankle bracelet has thirty three freshwater white egg shaped pearls almost completely around its circumference. $81

These 2.5 inch long earrings have a circular cascade of emeralds. The darker silver is Bali silver. $154

This 30 inch long necklace has opal beads and the large focal bead is chrysoprase. $127

Each of these 2 inch long earrings has a large carnelian teardrop with a few fire agates dangling beneath it. The concentric rings atop the carnelian are Turkish silver.

This 7 inch bracelet is ringed with emerald briolettes and freshwater white button pearl dangles. $105

June 24, 2018. 28th Manayunk Arts Festival, Manayunk, PA

November 18, 2017, 25th Christkindlmarkt, Bethlehem, PA
(their pipe and drape)

2018 show schedule, as of February 21 2018
March 10... Daniel Boone Optimist Club's 24th Annual Spring Craft Show, Douglassville, PA
May 5... Frederick Living's Charity Event for Alzheimer's Association, Frederick, PA [my fourth year]
May 6... 15th Annual Jewish Food Festival, Temple Beth El, Lancaster, PA [my second year]
Shows applied for and am waiting for jury period to end
June 23-24... 29th Annual Manayunk Arts Festival, Manayunk, PA [my second year]
May 12-13... 53rd Annual Downtown Bethlehem Fine Art and Craft Show, Bethlehem, PA [my second year]
May 26-28... 51th Annual Artsfest of Greater Harrisburg, Harrisburg, PA
Aug 31 - Sep 1... 40th Longs Park Art and Craft Festival, Lancaster, PA
Sep 1-2... 31st Annual Heart of Lancaster Art and Craft Show, Manheim, PA
Sep 8-9... 26th Annual Doylestown Arts Festival, Doylestown, PA
Oct 6-7... 7th Annual GoggleWorks Arts Festival, Reading, PA
Shows waiting to apply for
June 16... 24th Annual Art on the Avenue, West Reading, PA [my eight year]
Sept 29... 20th Annual Landis Woods Art Show, Lancaster, PA [my eight year]
Oct 13... 2018 Haddonfield Fall Festival, Haddonfield, NJ [my second year]
Nov 23-24... 48th Annual Der Belsnickel, Boyertown, PA [my eight year]
Nov-Dec... 26th Annual Christkindlmarkt, Bethlehem, PA [my second year]

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